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In the US and Puerto Rico.

4 Easy Steps!

1.Select Country

Select the country where you want to get the medication.

2. Search for your medication

Search for the medication prescribed, including dosage and quantity.

3. Pay online

Pay online for the medication you have selected.

4. Get your Medication

Pick up medications at your local participating pharmacy. Home delivery available for international orders.

HoyRX Benefits

Save money on prescription medication.
Easy and Convenient.
Get medications for your loved ones in the US and Puerto Rico.

Same Medications, Same Pharmacy, Lower Price!

How it works

HoyRX allows you to save money when you purchase prescription medications for you and your loved ones.  HoyRX provides access to a wide variety of generic medications and helps you save money on your prescriptions. HoyRX offers standardized pricing at $10, $15, $20 $25, $30, $35 or $40 for medications.

Orders for the United States and Puerto Rico

HoyRX offers discounted, prepaid medication vouchers that with a valid prescription from a physician, will enable medication pickup at any one of 65,000 pharmacies nationwide with zero additional cost.

Orders for Mexico

HoyRX makes it possible for you to purchase prescription medication from your country of choice at affordable prices for your loved ones in Latin America.  The purchase includes free home delivery within 24 hours to most locations.  Currently available in Mexico.